Baby's skin is very thin and sensitive. That is why it is so important that the linen and clothes adjacent to the child’s body are soft, do not irritate the skin and do not contain harmful substances. Only natural materials are able to create comfort for the baby.

Satin "De Luxe"

Satin "De Luxe" - 100% high quality cotton. Satin is a fabric that has forever conquered the hearts of humanity. The Persians who valued luxury called its atlas, and the French tempted in the beautiful - satin. The secret of high-quality satin is in the impeccability of the entire process. This noble fabric is made only from selected natural yarn, which is obtained from the best fine-fiber cotton. Thanks to the use of the thinnest cotton thread (up to 200 threads per 1 cm of fabric), an unusually soft and delicate fabric is obtained. Satin bedding turns hot summer nights into cool and refreshing, and cold winter nights into warm and warming ones.

Properties of bed linen:

  • Strength.
  • Durability.
  • Softness.
  • High durability of dyes, does not fade.
  • Minor crushing.
  • Not electrified.
  • Well passes air, providing the correct balance of temperatures.
  • Hygroscopicity.
  • The linen sets from sateen practically do not sit down in use.



Holofiber is a variation of synthetic nonwovens. The composition of this canvas of hollow, spiral-shaped fibers, forming a large number of air cavities. The absence of formaldehydes and other common reagents makes nonwoven polyester fabric as close as possible to natural materials on environmental friendliness and safety.

Durable - welded fibers are very difficult to break, they are structurally connected and have no weak point.

Eco-friendly - glue-free production method allows to minimize the content of aggressive chemical compounds in the material, it does not emit harmful substances, does not cause irritation.

Biologically steady - does not decay, is not affected by a fungus, a mold and other microorganisms.

Warm - due to the large amount of air contained between the fibers, holofiber has a low thermal conductivity, it keeps heat well.

Breathable - perfectly conducts the air without creating a greenhouse effect. Elastic - well holds any given form, does not roll down, does not get off.

Wear proof - is not afraid of active use, repeated washings, thermal influence.

Unpretentious - easily washes off, quickly dries.

Hollofiber balls consist of 100% polyester, and do not have adhesive joints.

The most eco-friendly filler for toys, pillows, blankets and other textiles. This is especially important in the manufacture of products for children prone to allergies.

Thanks to innovative production technologies, Hollofiber beads have excellent performance qualities: increased softness, dimensional stability, moisture resistance, breathability, anti-static, resistance to deformation and durability.



Organic cotton (the second name is bio-cotton), grown in controlled biological farms where the use of pesticides is prohibited, was created for the delicate sensitive skin of babies.

When growing organic cotton, biological methods of pest control, organic fertilizers, alternating crops and hand picking are used.

Soft, silky, durable, easy to clean, eco-friendly - organic cotton is very popular in Europe and USA, where the market for natural textiles has been actively developing for over 30 years.

Organic cotton does not cause allergies, which is very important for premature babies and toddlers with atopic dermatitis. Hypoallergenicity is also provided by a special fabric processing technology: oxygen is used to achieve shades lighter than the natural color of cotton, oxygen is used instead of harmful chlorine, and only vegetable dyes or synthetic reactive dyes that are free of European amine legislation.



Muslin is a thin cotton fabric that is available in a wide range of densities and thicknesses. They are said to be the softest and purest fabrics in the world. Appeared several decades ago, the fabric received the name from the Indian port called Maisolos. In the early days, people in Dhaka (Bangladesh) manually wove it from thin yarn by hand spinning. Women used this fabric to wrap a newborn baby.

Ultra soft and soothing fabric, perfect for the delicate skin of your baby. Thin, but strong interlacings of this magic fabric with the highest elasticity make it ideal for swaddling.

Muslin can be used as a cloth for washing your baby, as a blanket, sleeping bag or bedding material. So, in general, muslin fabric has a number of advantages:

  • Naturalness: the fabric is breathable, it prevents the baby from overheating, but at the same time maintains a comfortable temperature;
  • Natural stretchability;
  • All-weather fabric;
  • Durability;
  • The fabric becomes softer with each wash and can withstand countless washes (although it fades over time, but this is the nature of the material).